We make it a point to not only meet the expectations, but exceed them! Most clients also value consultants who believe in their organization's future. Our main objective is to define the problem, provide a holistic solution to your issue, and proactively identify other areas of opportunity.


We advocate for a relationship with open, transparent, and respectful yet direct conversations to set the tone for all future interactions. Setting a clear path for success and conveying issues, problems, and risk consistently has always been our motto.

Results Driven

Clarity is key, and we are clear about everyone?s role within all projects. From resource allocation, to sprint planning, to how much time each member of your team will commit, how interactions will take place, we strive to bring both teams together to see those results organically.


Building together and working into a trajectory of success takes two and we want to leave a visible footprint behind to show our clients exactly how we made a difference. Making an impact is more than simply taking a broader view of an issue or bringing new skills to the organization. It is about going above and beyond leaving a memorable experience!

About Us

We are a 100%, globally remote ‘Dream-Team’, of certified consulting professionals, who excel at solving various business challenges. From small to enterprise level implementations or migrations, full-stack app DevOp services to Big Data analytics, we provide end-to-end solutions and support for your business.

Growing Your Dreams.

Growth is the source of continuing a clients dreams and successes. Our goal is to become your biggest advocate, hold ourselves accountable to bring those dreams to a reality.

Customer Value Chain.

Being competitive in today's marketplace means doing more than the other guys. You need to deliver value that exceeds customer expectations, and it's critical that you only ever perform activities which add value to your final product. The Alpha Tech Consulting Group can assist you with these needs.

We Will Help You Get There.

There are two different types of goals: process-oriented and outcome-oriented. Process-oriented goals focus on the journey, whereas outcome-oriented goals focus on the finish line. Your success, is our success!


The Alpha Tech Consulting Group is committed to making changes that better serve our exclusive client base. We specifically align with your vision to set clear ambitions, and align with your teams to champion practical decisions with tangible results that in turn affect your ROI. Our goal is to transform and upgrade your business model by assisting you to highlight enduring solutions, build resilience, drive efficiency, and reduce risk.

Commitment & Purpose

Our group is driven by results, client centric, and committed to developing long lasting partnerships with you. As a collective, our unified purpose is demonstrated via action through the values we hold and portray from inception to close of your project. We focus on not just delivering a satisfactory initiative, but an unforgettable experience!

Economic Growth

Within each project, small or large, we aim to unfold the components it will take to increase growth within your organization with tangible results based on data analytics and research. This requires more than just ambition, but grit, winning strategies, and effective organization design around SWAT analysis and risk mitigation. Our mission is the delivery that is based on trust and collaboration by providing the expert capabilities you need.


The advantage of a holistic approach to reinvention

The Alpha Tech Consulting Group is committed to providing their clients with the ultimate in project and program management, open and continuous communication and quality performance for a true partnership solution. We focus on providing competitive rates while maintaining high employee retention.  Is your environment not quite where it should be? What is your vision for the next two to five plus years? How are the current best practices you have in place affected the overall morale of the employee base? Per data analytics, where do you rank beside your competition? What migrations or implementations do you have within your pipeline that we could assist you on? We are fully committed to always doing what is responsible, fair and conscientious for their customers and employees.

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