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Effervescent execution, building customer trust and loyalty, is our core value. Providing the ultimate experience in client satisfaction is our goal.

Direction Setting

We take a hands-on approach to your solution with a focal point on direction setting, identifying strategic business goals, and setting the tactical direction per data analytics. The Alpha Tech Consulting Group can help build the solution by defining and giving visibility to a strategically linked, tactile direction that is compelling to all levels of the company.

Process & Change Management

Conducting an audit of the current state and operational areas is exceptionally critical to identifying process gaps and non-value added work. The Alpha Tech Consulting Group can provide visual process maps and wireframing that clearly define those areas that need to change. The process maps should be intuitive, comprehensive, and understandable at all levels within the company. Our team can provide the essential collaboration to execute this with your internal departments.

Let Tomorrow Begin Today.

The design goal is to achieve breakthrough performance improvement through process innovation. The invention and deployment of new ways of execution of work can give your team the ability to increase productivity and drive down inefficiency. Our certified Solution Architect and Developers can help develop a future state that incorporates best business practices and lastly, a solution that fits into the overall business strategy.

Focusing On Success.

Execution must be planned in terms of what the organization is willing and able to digest. All too often, the scope of implementation and consulting projects is based upon the problem to be solved with little regard for the organization’s readiness and ability to change. We can help you plan and pace your project around your organization’s ability to a absorb change through Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid methodologies.

Executive Consultant | Certified Project Manager | Scrum Master

With over 17 years of experience, Ty is a seasoned Project, Program Consultant, and Scrum Master, adept in methodologies such as PMBOK, Lean, ADKAR, Scrum, Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid. Specializing in global operations, strategic project management, and change management, he expertly guides teams from project inception to post-implementation, ensuring streamlined and secure processes.

Sr. Human Resources Project Consultant

Tiffany is the real-life Wonder Woman of HR, offering exceptional project support with her laser-sharp focus. Proactively analyzing and managing HR policies and procedures, she recommends and implements effective solutions. Furthermore, she ensures all HR programs comply with policies, procedures, and legal regulations. Her expertise is key in driving HR success for your team.

Sr. Project Manager

C.J. stands out as a premium project manager, excelling in release planning, corporate change, and process improvement, among other areas. His dynamic approach to project execution, coupled with a keen focus on system enhancements and staff productivity, makes him an invaluable asset for any client.

Alpha Dev Team
Sr. Solutions Architect and Certified Front End Developer

Led by Christian, our dedicated team specializes in customizing software engineering to align with your unique business requirements. As industry leaders in building complex enterprise ecosystems, we are adept at tackling high-level technical challenges. Together, we focus on crafting solutions that address specific business issues, from defining functional requirements to outlining implementation steps.

Let's Make Magic.

Our entire objective is you, your goals, your vision, and how we can align with those goals to take you to another level.

Satisfied Clients

Alpha Tech Consulting Group Capability Statement


Our social responsibility is a core principle of genuine inclusiveness and equality. The nucleus of what we are founded on is multifaceted, uniquely diversified, and it represents the very essence of what we stand for and with whom. Creating a healthy professional environment for our I.T. Consultants that is safe, respected, and filled with encouragement to reach for the stars is a major part of our foundation. As a group, we are fortunate and proud to have a melting pot of multicultural talent that represent ALL races, creed, and gender. It is imperative, that whomever we align ourselves with for ANY and ALL projects share the same foundational respect, decorum and non-negotiable core values. This is a safe zone, where everyone will be treated with human decency.