Alpha Tech Consulting Group Capability Statement

Consulting - Project & Program Management

Our group provides leadership to your related projects, and we collaborate in a coordinated manner to obtain results for software implementations and data migrations. We take a strategic approach to the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet program and your project requirements. From the discovery of requirements, data analysis, project design, end to end implementation, regression SDLC testing, the project deployment into production, and post implementation.

Customer Relationship Management

Today's business environment is characterized by increased competition and greater uncertainty. Your success depends on understanding your customers, exceeding their demands for service and delivering value across all touch points. We assist you by outlining those implications, recommending and implementing Oracle SAP, Microsoft 365, or your working with your CRM or ERP vendor, we can guide your team. Our solutions can help you understand your customer better and that truly is what CRM is all about.

Artificial Intelligence Consulting - AI

AI is now a huge part of improving internal process improvement. Collectively, we assess your technological maturity and readiness for AI-driven automation and follow you through all the stages of adopting artificial intelligence in your business operations. We analyze your use case to developing AI-driven software and ensuring its positive user buy-in. We at Alpha Tech Consulting Group can help you quickly deploy solutions that will impact the bottom line and your ROI. We are committed to going above and beyond to suit your artificial intelligence needs.


We make your dreams come true! Our dynamic group of Front End and Back End Developers are the essential core group for premium code and development execution! This group specializes in solution architecture and direction for the design of technical solutions that fulfill business requirements, application integration and development for software and mobile apps, software production processes within any methodology, dedicated cloud development services, and product development lifecycle. With over 20 years of direct experience, we have you covered!

Business Process Improvement & Organizational Structure

Your ultimate success is a high priority for our group. Sometimes, a company needs a strategic approach with a tactical view to get to the next level. Our team of experts can lead you in the right direction with Corporate Strategy Planning, HR initiatives, Management Coaching, Department Development, Data driven Analysis for Change Management and Training, as well as Corporate Audits. We understand the latest technology and best practices relating to the industry and analyzing a business’s current people, processes and systems to make recommendations that improve overall efficiency.

Risk Management

Are you certain that current practices align properly with your company strategy and goals? Are you confident your organization's internal controls effectively address your business risks? Are your internal operations performing at optimal efficiency and effectiveness? Does your enterprise constantly monitor for potential cyber threats? Answers to these questions not only decrease risk but also unlock your full business potential. The Alpha Tech Consulting Group is committed to assisting your team to improve controls to minimize risk, and ultimately increase your KPI.

SAAS/ITSM/ITIL/Cloud Solutions

Restructuring or introducing best practices into the fold of your departments or company culture could prove to be beneficial . From service value system, optimizing and automating processes, to out of the box planning, transitioning and training. We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table around cloud technology, as it is a platform that enables organizations to tap on-demand public, private or hybrid computing capabilities.

Cyber Security

Safety and security is our number one priority for your production environment! Layered defenses can create almost as many problems as they solve, and security teams struggle to keep up with the threat. What you need is context across all your layers of defense with the right people, processes, and technology working together in concert. With the execution of an internal audit, our team of experts will be able to provide the analysis to make the necessary recommendations.

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