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Transform Your Culture

What exactly is an Agile Coach and what benefit can it provide for your organization or team? In the simplest form, it is a dedicated resource who has the certified training to transform teams to ensure effective outcomes using multiple approaches and a laser focus on the Agile methodology for a satisfactory outcome. With the Alpha Tech Consulting Group, we provide not only the standard, but an experience as we know change can be difficult. We begin organically with a systematic approach before the discovery phase to understand your vision, the sector, and request the appropriate data analytics to review and establish the foundation for success. We help train your teams on the fundamentals of the methodology, and oversee the development of agile teams to ensure the outcome. We take the responsible for guiding teams through the implementation process and are tasked with encouraging workers and leadership to embrace the agile method. Stakeholder buy-in is an essential requirement to the success of the Agile transformation and at the start of each next phase within the project, a confirmation of signatures is gathered. The agile coach’s ultimate goal is to arm agile teams with the right knowledge, tools and training so that they’ll be able to use agile to its full potential.

Accelerate Agile Adoption

An AGILE project of transformation will include many different facets and influences from stakeholders and team leads. The transformation will be a change in dynamics, behaviors of the organization and a change in beliefs. Process improvement, change management, new KPIs that are aligned with the company vision, and inspection of the adoption should be regularly evaluated. Some of the best practices include regular retrospectives, team engagement, and key milestones being met will be essential. The Agile transformation project plan will be detailed and include milestones to evaluate cadence, adoption, and delivery before the next phase is started.


The roadmap will provide visual aid in adoption and help diminish resistance that will serve as a cornerstone of foundational framework during the transformation. The Alpha Tech Consulting group will conduct a deep dive into the vision, what the goal is, and which steps will be needed to move the project forward collectively as a unit. Setting clear expectations will be essential to the success of the project as well as stakeholder buy-in.


Some of the things that will be reviewed during this transformation are as follows (not in any order):


  • Creation of an Agile PMO
  • Inspection and Adaptation
  • Reinforcement
  • How to introduce agile adoption
  • Will the organization restructure?
  • Which framework is most appropriate for the organization or team
  • Initial Assessment
  • Include a “why” and/or “vision” statement
  • Training of Stakeholders and other members of the organization at all team levels
  • What is the scope of the initiative? Organization level or team level?
  • Creating the Agile Teams and Champions
  • Creation of subsequent agile transformation project plans, where appropriate
  • Define Metrics for Success
  • Reduce dependencies, Increase efficiency
  • Action over words – Apply a Lean principle
  • A reasonable date range of the roadmap items
  • Retrospectives at various levels (a plan on how to respond to change)
  • Project plans
  • Purchasing and training on tools


In conclusion, taking a considerate approach of the wider impacts of your transformation will be beneficial. The impact of your journey to being an adaptable, agile organization will ripple out from your IT teams, into other departments like Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, and Legal etc. If your whole business isn’t aligned with the changes your organization is making, then it risks having a disruptive effect that will slow your transformation progress. In a unified effort, we can provide strategic direction of aligned consulting to thoroughly execute your project!