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How Do We Lead A Project?


Strategic vision with a tactical execution! Our team is certified in all 9 of the PMI methodologies to accommodate your project needs no matter the size. We begin with a firm layer of foundational support to understand your pain points, your needs and wants, predetermine the cause of events, how we can align our services against the source of work, and melt into your fabric a winning solution.

  • Project Initiation – After the contract agreement is signed, both teams will plan the discovery meeting to define what’s the goal of a project, and it’s success criteria.
  • Concept Development – We develop a conceptual design and wireframes for future application and develop a brand new technological concept.
  • Planning – This consists of identifying project scope, estimation of time and costs, and setting achievable milestones.
  • Requirements Definition – Requirements that software engineers will understand. This will include wireframing, interviews, brainstorming, user stories, and document analysis.
  • Design – Technical Architecture, UI/UX Design. Our certified developers align with your team to initiate a plan of action with an end result of workflows, diagrams, mockups, architectural description documentation, and confirmation on technical plans.
  • Development – during this phase our communication is raised to another level for clarity. Day-to-day execution of the project plan. Software Developers will set up working environments and will start writing code. We will demo those changes in 2, 4 or 6 week intervals based on the needs of the project for FULL transparency.
  • Integration – this will require a lot of collaboration from cross functional departments and multiple teams and it can be time-consuming. To alleviate risk, we normally identify touch points within the discovery phase to gauge time, and resources.
  • Testing – certify that the version of the application you’re testing is of the required quality and this is known as Acceptance Testing or UAT. This phase is extremely critical to the success of the project, as it involves many moving parts that we will review upon project approval.
  • Deployment -set up servers, upload your application, connect it with all the other services and servers.
  • Maintenance – The application’s maintained and supported throughout its whole lifetime. It’s a part of a product life cycle that goes beyond the project life cycle.
  • Hand-off, Closure, Support – Towards the end of the project journey, and before we go to Go-Live, we collect all the generated knowledge about the application and its specifics. After that, you need to transfer this knowledge to the support team. We also look for other areas of opportunity to continue a Phase 2, 3 and so on as we want to maintain a working relationship.

Program Management - Universal Approach


Program management is the process of overseeing multiple projects that are related or have similar outcomes and goals. There are many benefits that flow from delivery of the projects in the program and there are benefits that flow from the program management process itself, such as economies of scale and administrative convenience or effectiveness.

With Program management, our team can assist yours to identify inter- dependencies between projects to ensure that planning, scheduling, executing, monitoring and controlling of your projects results in optimal delivery of the program! Projects may be interdependent because of the collective capability that is delivered, or they may share a common attribute such as customer, supplier, technology or resource. Our custom framework would be the foundation of getting those initiatives taken care of.

  • Initiating – The initiation phase is the beginning of the project, and the idea for the project is explored and elaborated. Decisions are made concerning who is to carry out the project, which party (or parties) will be involved and whether the project has an adequate base of support among those who are involved.
  • Defining – After the project plan (which was developed in the initiation phase) has been approved, the project enters the second phase: the definition phase. In this phase, the requirements that are associated with a project result are specified as clearly as possible.
  • Planning – a list of definitive requirements is developed and presented for the approval of the projects decision-makers. Once the list has been approved, the design phase can begin.
  • Executing – The project takes shape during the implementation phase. This phase involves the construction of the actual project result. Programmers are occupied with encoding, designers are involved in developing graphic material, contractors are building, the actual reorganization takes place.
  • Monitoring & Controlling – the Monitoring and Control Process consists of 9 processes performed to observe project execution so that potential problems can be identified in a timely manner and corrective action can be taken, when necessary, to control the execution of the project.
  • Closing – Examples of activities in this final phase include writing technical documentation, providing instruction and training for users,? maintaining the result, evaluating the project itself, writing the project report, transferring to the directors and confirming other further areas of recommended initiatives to continue our B2B relationship.

Best Practices


  • Alpha Analysis – A combination of tactical and strategic approaches for the absolute best outcome to exceed the ROI.
  • Alpha Innovate – We will look for other opportunities that can we incorporate within the project.
  • Alpha Evaluate – Throughout the execution of the project we believe in continued quality. We will continue to evaluate each phase to include continuous analysis.
  • Alpha MTM (Multi-Team Membership)– Aligning with multiple cross functional departments can improve overall performance since the person gets exposed to different ideas and perspectives.
  • Alpha Escalate – We make it our responsibility to alert all stakeholders of issues and problems and provide sustainability to keep your project on track.